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In the 1960s, I attended junior high school and high school with Steve Tallarico, who grew up to become Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. These were pretty big schools (our high school graduating class had nearly 500 students), and I might not have known Steve at all were it not for the fact that we were both musicians. Although we jammed together occasionally, we were never actually in the same band. (We were in a barber-shop quartet together, we performed Sincere and Lida Rose from "The Music Man" for a school assembly, but I don't think that counts.) Steve and I both pursued musical careers – I gave up on mine after a couple of years, Steve obviously has more tenacity (not to mention talent) than I have.

After high school, I didn't see Steve for more than 20 years, when he got me some backstage passes to an Aerosmith concert in Dallas. Here are a few photos commemorating those events.

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Junior High

Steve's message on
my answering machine.

Backstage Pass



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